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What People Are Saying

"I received my copy of your magazine, and I have to say that you and your team did an awesome job with it! Beautifully done!!!!! Cheers!"

Robin, Air Force Reserve Veteran

"You knocked the ball out of the park with Veterans’ California magazine.. Awesome!! Thank you Melissa and team!!"

Marge, Army Veteran

"The quality, content and presentation of your magazine is outstanding! I was really blown away. Thank you!"

Chris, Women Veteran Supporter

"Awesome..  chock full of information, resources, stories, beautifully presented.  Bravo!"

Marge, Army Veteran

"The book is simply well-done very please with the presentation."

Elizabeth, Army Veteran

"One of a Kind Publication"

"I am really enjoying this magazine. I will be reading through it again for the second time--loads of ideas and helpful content. I don't live in CA presently though I lived in the Bay Area for half my life. Now I am wondering if an Illinois version is in the works somewhere." Patricia - Navy Veteran

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