Article Submission Guidelines

Submissions need to be related to the state that is the focus of the magazine. Women Veterans Magazine will review and either approve or decline.

Submissions Are Closed


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• IMPORTANT! The state edition you are writing for
• Byline with title
• Bio (less than 200 words)
• Headshot at 300 DPI
• Social Media Links
• Website

Word Counts

750/1000 words - 2 to 3 page article
1000/1500 words - 3 to 4 page article
1500/2000 words - 4 to 5 page article


•Provide 5 to 10 photos at 300 DPI no smaller than 4”x4” for publishing
•Provide captions

Galleys for Layout and Editing

Submit all article text in a .DOC file or as unformatted text pasted in an email.


Article Submission with photos: Friday, March 1, 2024

Submissions and Questions



Feel free to contact us if you have a story idea you are interested in getting published.


NOTE: Women Veterans Magazine has the right to edit all photos and written content.