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"I received my copy of your magazine, and I have to say that you and your team did an awesome job with it! Beautifully done!!!!! Cheers!" - Robin, Air Force Reserve Veteran


"The book is simply well-done very please with the presentation." - Elizabeth, Army Veteran


"You knocked the ball out of the park with Veterans’ California magazine.. Awesome!! Thank you Melissa and team!!" - Marge, Army Veteran


"The quality, content and presentation of your magazine is outstanding! I was really blown away. Thank you!" - Chris, Women Veteran Supporter


"Awesome..  chock full of information, resources, stories, beautifully presented.  Bravo!" - Marge, Army Veteran

Women Veterans Magazine

"The digital magazine is well published.  The dynamics of the sound as the pages turn is an added bonus. BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED." - Tynetta, Army Veteran


"One of a Kind Publication"


"I am really enjoying this magazine. I will be reading through it again for the second time--loads of ideas and helpful content. I don't live in CA presently though I lived in the Bay Area for half my life. Now I am wondering if an Illinois version is in the works somewhere." - Patricia - Navy Veteran


"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY TEXAS MAGAZINE!!! It is beautifully and professionally designed. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey." - Tynetta, Army Veteran